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I believe there is a natural tendency toward growth and well-being, a desire to be more of ourselves and to enjoy the things we do. For some, that curiosity and vitality has been restricted or shut down. This may lead to feeling depressed, like nothing will change for you. Or stressed out and overwhelmed. Psychotherapy is a process through which you can understand how these feelings and thoughts have come about and how to access your natural tendency toward wellness.

Together, we will reflect on your current situation and what led you to this point in your life. Together, the change is possible and I consider it a two way rewards for both of us. My spirit also becomes a bit higher every day, when I open my heart to your pain and help you to find the strength to pull through any situation in ways you never thought possible.

Shabnam Janani

Our Advantages

  • Excellence in Service

    Our friendly and professional staff assure Canadian standards for service delivery.

  • Bilingual

    We offer services in 2 languages (English and Persian). Translation services might also available in some other languages.

  • Cultural sensitivity

    we respect and celebrate the various ethnic, racial, cultural, gender, and sexual orientations (LGBTQ).

  • Accessibility

    Our multidisciplinary clinic is accessible for everyone including individual with disabilities. One block from subway station, plenty of free parking.

  • Practitioners Network

    We have a network of contacts and skilled professionals to serve you better.

  • Flexibility

    We are open late evenings and Saturdays.

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